Morocco by Magid Carpet

Morocco is a Vintage collection made with stain-resistant bulky freeze yarn(2.5 kg) with
more than half an inch thickness and the most updated colours like gray, navy, yellow,
red, blue, silver, black, lilac, cream, and orange.
5’3″x 7’2″ for$99.99(MSRP:$199.99) mention website pay only:$79.99
7’8″x 9’10″for $199.00(MSRP:$389.99) mention website pay only:$169.99
8’6″x 12’6″ for $299.00(MSRP:$599.99) mention website pay only:$269.99
6’7″ Round for $129.00(MSRP:$249.99) mention website pay only:$116.99
2’2″ rolls for $5.99 per foot(MSRP:$9.99 per foot) mention website pay only:$5.39 per foot.
We are experiencing limited quantities on this collection.
Not all patterns are available in all sizes

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